Cordova Hills is donating this property to help meet the need for higher education institutions.

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Integral to the Cordova Hills Master Plan is the inclusion of a premier 224 acre site for an institution or institutions of higher learning.

As California suffers from a lack of private colleges and universities, this site will substantially increase the Region’s educational opportunities; provide students an option to remain in the Region for their higher education studies, and help make the Sacramento Region more of a destination for businesses that seek a well-qualified and educated workforce.  The campus site is uniquely situated to provide for educational, administrative and community amenities on the 50 acre mesa, complemented by the lower valley of nearly 200 acres for residential, lifestyle and sporting centers and athletic fields.

According to The Public Policy Institute of California, “…If current trends persist, only 35 percent of working age adults in California will have at least a bachelor’s degree in 2025, but 41% of jobs will require at least a bachelor’s degree.  This equates to a shortfall of one million graduates in California.” 

The owners of the Cordova Hills property have set aside this land for the purpose of attracting a university to help meet this demand and make the community and our area a more vibrant, exciting and prosperous place in which to live.

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