Decades ago leaders looked ahead to reduce commutes and provide housing opportunities.


Residents will benefit from the creation of a significant community transit system looping internally through Cordova Hills and connecting offsite to the Hwy 50 regional employment center and Mather regional light rail station. 

Community Transit Plan

Public Transit

The transit system will have 15 minute headways during peak hours for both onsite and offsite loops, will be funded internally with no fare box charge for community ridership. 

Electric Vehicle Friendlyelectric vehicle

In addition, Cordova Hills will be one of the first communities to be completely Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) compatible with dedicated NEV lanes along roads where speed limits exceed 35 mph.

Shorter Commutes

And because Cordova Hills is just a few miles from the 2nd largest job market in the Region the proximity to major job centers will result in shorter commutes to and from Cordova Hills.