“The creation of a campus offers any community significant benefits. It adds to the economic vibrancy of the area. It adds intellectual amenities to an area, which generally improves the educational attainment in a region where colleges or universities are located. Finally, colleges and universities are good neighbors.”

– Jonathan Brown, President of the Association of Independent
California Colleges and Universities

Community Education

To ensure that the community is well served the project will include the development of schools from K - high school and a College or University.

Cordova Hills will consist of three elementary schools, a joint middle/high school and a 224 acre site for an institution of higher learning.  

Approximately 87% of all homes within Cordova Hills will be within a ½ mile of a school, which will promote walking or biking to school. 

The Town Center elementary school will be two stories tall in order to maximize the use of land and to mold with the character of the Town Center village.