The project will provide a diversity of commercial, recreational, open space and schools enhanced by a vast network of walking and bicycle trails. 

Q:  What is Cordova Hills?

A:  Cordova Hills is an approved premier master planned community, envisioned to provide a variety of lifestyle opportunities with a mix of residential uses, from high density along Grant Line Road, to larger estate homes along the project’s eastern boundary.  The project will provide a diversity of commercial, recreational, open space and schools enhanced by a vast network of walking and bicycle trails.  In addition, Cordova Hills is designed as one of the most sustainable community plans proposed in our Region with a keen focus on environmentally sensitive streetscapes, building design, water conservation and renewable power. Cordova Hills will balance a respect for the land, homage to the area’s early California heritage, and the needs of a vital and diversified 21st century integrated community. 

Q:  What are the boundaries of Cordova Hills?

A:  Cordova Hills is situated on 2,668 acres in Sacramento County.  This land lies along the eastern side of Grant Line Road and has been identified for urbanization within Sacramento County’s Urban Service Boundary since 1993 and the Rancho Cordova General Plan since 2006. 

Q:  When will Cordova Hills break ground?

A:   Working on an aggressive timetable we look forward to breaking ground with Phase One in mid 2016. 

Q:  What about water, sewer and other infrastructure needs?

A:   Cordova Hills lies immediately adjacent to the City limits of Rancho Cordova and is less than one mile from homes and infrastructure that exist today in the Sunridge Park development along Douglas Road.  The land between Cordova Hills and this housing/infrastructure is an approved community by the City of Rancho Cordova.  

Cordova Hills will receive surface water from the Sacramento County Water Agency.  This will ensure sufficient surface water capacity for Cordova Hills over its build out and long-term sustainability of the groundwater basin.  Sewer capacity currently exists in the area and is projected to maintain capacity for all future development in the area within the County’s Urban Services Boundary.

Q:  What about “smart growth” environmental issues and other challenges.

A:  Cordova Hills epitomizes smart growth.  Located near the second largest job center in the six county metropolitan area, bordering existing City limits, within the Urban Services Boundary and being non-prime agricultural ground makes Cordova Hills an ideal location for a master planned community.  Cordova Hills will have open space, trails and recreational services and will comply with all regulatory permitting agencies to ensure the protection of any sensitive environmental amenities in the area.  Housing densities, a connected internal transit system and close proximity amongst residences, schools, parks, commercial and entertainment amenities will further enhance Cordova Hills as a suburban, yet ‘smart growth’ opportunity for our region.