87% of all homes within Cordova Hills will be within a ½ mile of a school.

Project AmenitiesParks And Trails

Cordova Hills will offer an extensive network of parks and trails to the community. Residents and visitors will enjoy a community which invites and welcomes outdoor activity and the ability to walk or bike to their destination.

Pedestrian Friendly

Cordova Hills will offer: 

  • Approximately 100 acres of active parks
  • Approximately 76 miles of on-street and off-street bike/pedestrian lanes/trails/paseos.
  • Approximately 48 miles out of 76 miles are paved off-street trails/paseos 
  • Approximately 28 miles out of 76 miles are class II bike lanes
  • An aquatic (swimming) center
  • An event/recreation center in the community park
  • Community wide, appropriately located  community gardens
  • Approximately 150 acres of R2 open space for garden opportunities and more passive recreation
  • A 50 acre regional sports park situated adjacent to Grant Line Road for regional proximity and convenient access.