“As a neighboring landowner to the project, the Cordova Hills team has been a great partner in working with us to enrich the value of the land and provide an outstanding master planned community.”

– Stan Van Vleck, Van Vleck Ranch

In order to respect and conserve the natural resources on the site, nearly 500 acres are being set aside and will be maintained as open space in perpetuity.

Protecting Natural Resources

These avoided areas will not only protect natural resources, but will be an open space and educational amenity for the generations that will live, work and play in Cordova Hills. The avoided area is being coordinated with the proposed South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan (SSHCP). 

Urban Service Boundary

The County’s long established Urban Services Boundary will be respected and allow open space and agricultural interests to the east to be preserved. Cordova Hills development is outside of any floodplain and the gentle topography of the site will enable unique settings for the residential villages and other project amenities.

Avoidance of valuable environmental resources will be maintained, enabling high densities on the western portions of Cordova Hills, “feathering out” to low and very low densities on the eastern side of the planning area, thus preserving the integrity of the Urban Services Boundary line and the long established, rural activities on the eastern side of the USB.