Walk to shopping, schools and parks.

SustainabilityHealthy Living

Cordova Hills is designed “from the ground up” as an extremely walkable and pedestrian orientated community.  The community is designed to result in a high internal capture rate of every vehicle trip where most needs can be met within the community.  In addition to the walkability the community offers numerous opportunities for community gardens.  


Land Use Category Total Units Proximity Percentage Homes within Proximity
Parks/Paseos/Recreation 8,000 1/4 mile 100%
Transit 7,540 1/2 mile 94%
Schools 6,985 1/2 mile


Shopping 6,720 1/2 mile 84%


Residents and visitors alike will enjoy a community which invites and welcomes outdoor activity.

  • Nearly 70 miles of bike, walking trails and paths will tie the residential villages and parks together. 
  • 100 percent of all homes will be within a quarter mile of a park, trail or other recreational amenity.
  • Three elementary schools and a middle/high school will serve the communities, and 87 percent of all homes will be within a half mile to a school.
  • New jobs and proximity to employment centers will be enhanced by Cordova Hills. 
  • Nearly 95 percent of Cordova Hills residents will be within a half mile of a transit stop and 84 percent of residents will reside within a half mile of a retail center

Cordova Hills is the epitome of sustainable living, truly allowing residents to live, work and play within their community.