SacBee Article: Environmental Shift is Needed


Article in the Sacramento Bee


Viewpoints: Environmental shift is needed toward solutions

By Jay R. Lund

Special to The Bee
Published: Sunday, Jun. 30, 2013 – 12:00 am | Page 5E

California needs a new environmentalism to set a more effective and sustainable green bar for the nation and even the world.

For decades, we have taken a “just say no” approach to stop, prevent or blunt human encroachments onto the natural world – often rightly so. Early environmentalism needed lines in the sand against rampant development and reckless industrialization, and achieved widespread success. Our air and water is now cleaner even with population and economic growth. Industry, for the most part, is now accountable for its wastes.

Yet, despite these important gains, the classical environmentalism of “no” will ultimately fail. We must shift to “how better?”

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