Behind the scenes, Cordova Hills moves ahead on multiple tracks


Staff Writer- June 17, 2014

The land southeast of Rancho Cordova planned to become Cordova Hills someday isn’t seeing much action at the moment, but plans for the 2,700-acre master plan project are moving ahead on other fronts.

Cordova Hills President Ron Alvarado said the project is active on different tracks involving infrastructure financing, federal open space permits and looking for higher-education partners to put a campus in the project.

“We try to be a little ahead, but also respond to the market,” Alvarado said of Cordova Hills, which is planned to have hundreds of homes as well as open space and commercial development. “My best guess is we’ll be ready to break ground in two years.”

Before then, developers and their consultants need to finalize with the county a financing mechanism for services and amenities for the project, as well as acquire federally required permits for open space, another selling point of the project.

But who might put their university center at the heart of the project is the question observers probably ask the most. Though nothing’s been finalized, Alvarado said, he’s met with representatives from both U.S. institutions as well as foreign ones, and a consortium of both, about establishing their campus here.

“Our confidence does remain high,” he said, even though other developers for projects in the region also have expressed hopes of attracting a higher-education component. “I’m confident the harder we look, the luckier we will become.”

He added if more than one project can attract new higher education providers to the region, it can only benefit the region as a whole.

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